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(August 2006) The Population Reference Bureau released its 2006 World Population Data Sheet on Aug. 17, 2006, at the National Press Club in Washington. DC.

The theme of this year’s data sheet was “International Migration Is Reshaping United States, Global Economy.” Presenters at the briefing were:

  • Bill Butz, president of PRB, “Introduction”
  • Carl Haub, senior demographer:  World Population Trends and International Migration Trends”
  • Rachel Nugent, technical director of health and economics, “South-South Migration Trends; New Environmental Indicators”
  • Linda Jacobsen, director of domestic programs, “The United States at 300 Million and the Effects of Immigration”

This webcast shows the briefing in its entirety. Each presenter illustrated his or her remarks with a series of Powerpoint Graphics, which are synchronized with the presenter’s remarks.