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Webinar: How Women Became America’s Safety Net (PRB Book Talk)

A conversation with author Jessica Calarco on her new book, Holding It Together

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The West Bank and Gaza: A Population Profile

What do data tell us about the people who live in Gaza and the West Bank?

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Webinar: Data Opportunities and Challenges in a Post-Roe World

What are the barriers to conduction abortion-related research today?

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College Shapes Black, White, and Latina Women’s Work and Family Lives Differently

Race plays an important role in how college affects women’s marriage, fertility, and employment.

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Who Are America’s Immigrants?

A century beyond the country’s strictest immigration law, here’s what the data tell us about who’s coming to the United States

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Census Across Africa: Using Census Data for Policy and Planning

The 2020 census round in African nations offers opportunities to use new technologies that support data collection and analysis, which analysts, policymakers, and others can draw on to provide more effective public planning and services.

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Get to Know PRB CEO Jennifer D. Sciubba

An internationally recognized expert in political demography, Jennifer has worked throughout her career to educate the broader public about the importance of population trends.

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Crowded Coasts Put 1 in 10 Americans at Risk for Floods, Other Hazards

Older Adults, Communities of Color, and Renters Are Especially Vulnerable

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