Mission and Values


PRB is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit research organization focused on improving people’s health and well-being through evidence-based policies and practices. Our staff analyze population data and ensure the research and its applications are understood and used widely by decisionmakers, advocates, and media. Our ability to assess and easily communicate critical issues about topics like gender equality, climate adaptation, equity, and aging makes us a valued partner and resource for those working at all levels and in all areas of the world.


PRB harnesses the power of population data to inform and advance solutions to the most urgent challenges facing our world and improve the well-being of people globally.

What’s population data? 

It’s how we measure information about a population—from gender roles to where people live, how many children they have, how long they live—and identify trends.

  • How can cities prepare for increased growth, including internal migration, hastened by climate events?
  • Why is the mortality rate among young people in the United States so much higher than in other wealthy nations?
  • How can countries with rapidly aging populations continue to support women’s advancement if women also provide most of care needs to older adults?

Understanding population data and demographic trends is essential to solving the important problems of today and tomorrow. As we work toward solutions, we must consider how people are affected by these problems and, in turn, how people can affect them.

Our Strategic Plan


We provide data and communication solutions to advocates, policymakers, and practitioners so they can make informed decisions that affect communities around the world. PRB:

  • Forecasts housing and transportation needs for U.S. localities.
  • Supports civil society organizations in East and West Africa to develop evidence-based materials to advocate for expanded access to health care services.
  • Serves as an intermediary between data users and government agencies to facilitate knowledge-sharing via virtual and in-person forums.
  • Trains and mentors journalists and social media influencers from Nepal to Nigeria to clearly and accurately communicate technical information on topics from sexual and reproductive health and rights to early childhood development to the demographic transition.
  • Communicates technical knowledge to and motivates fresh thinking among practitioners by showcasing and highlighting key data and insights from ongoing and completed work, sharing relevant information, ideas, tools, and resources.


Collaboration. We believe that the most powerful solutions occur when we collaborate with and learn from one another. PRB works closely with local organizations and partners so community members lead, set priorities, and identify solutions that are grounded in local realities. Internally, we seek to break down silos to identify where we can achieve more together.

Equity. We recognize and honor the fundamental rights and dignity of all individuals. We are committed to promoting equity throughout the organization and in our relationships with partners and funders. We remain committed to doing work that exposes inequities, challenges conventional thinking, and leads to positive outcomes within the organization and for women, children, and families globally. (Read about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.)

Inclusivity. The differences each person brings to PRB make us stronger and better. We are committed to sustaining a work environment that respects and supports diverse backgrounds, traditions, heritages, lifestyles, beliefs, values, and experiences. We are also dedicated to equity and inclusivity of data for accurate and ethical population analysis, research translation, and information sharing.

Integrity. We believe quality information is essential to the creation of sound policies and programs. Our analyses will always be rigorous, objective, nonpartisan, and evidence-based, reflecting our unwavering commitment to accuracy and reliability.

Learning and Innovation. We strive to be an adaptive learning organization: curious, transparent, and open to new ideas and ways of doing things. We actively seek new subjects of inquiry, work products, and methods for achieving results. We make evidence-based decisions, measure the impact of our work, and apply lessons learned so that PRB and the people who work here can improve.