PRB, in collaboration with UNFPA, has developed a specialized interactive map and publication (in English and French) about young people in sub-Saharan Africa. The interactive map and report present available data for 20 specific indicators, disaggregated by age and sex when possible. The publication provides an overview of key data findings about population, education, employment, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and gender and social protection issues, and has 45 country profiles.

The available data for each indicator was ranked and sorted based on a three-tier system devised with technical guidance and input from UNFPA. For example, the color “red” is used to identify countries that need to take immediate action to address a particular indicator. “Yellow” is used to identify countries that are making progress in meeting targets for particular indicators, but many need additional investments to see further improvement. And “green” is used to distinguish countries that are making exceptional progress toward achieving targets or goals related to a particular indicator.