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The Rise of the No-Bachelor’s Bachelor?

New study finds U.S. men without a bachelor’s degree are expected to spend 27 years of their lives married—their shortest lifetime years married since 1880.

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Expanded SNAP Benefits Boosted Food Security During the COVID-19 Emergency, Study Finds

Households in the food assistance program made healthier food purchases in 2020, additional research shows

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Project: Center for Public Information on Population Research (CPIPR)

Off the Clock: Europeans Can Expect to Spend Over Half of Their Lives After Age 15 Providing Unpaid Care Work

Women spend more time as caregivers than men, and childless adults provide more support to their parents than those with children, studies on Europe show

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Cinq actions pour aider à construire une résilience climatique équitable

La crise climatique exige des solutions nuancées, holistiques et équitables qui intègrent des approches au carrefour de la population, de la santé et du genre, fermement ancrées dans les connaissances et les besoins locaux. 

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Five Actions to Help Build Equitable Climate Resilience

The climate crisis demands nuanced, holistic, and equitable solutions that integrate approaches at the nexus of population, health, and gender, firmly grounded in local knowledge and needs. 

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PRB at the 3rd NTA-Africa Conference

September 6-8, 2023 Somone, Senegal

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