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Project: Center for Public Information on Population Research (CPIPR)

Off the Clock: Europeans Can Expect to Spend Over Half of Their Lives After Age 15 Providing Unpaid Care Work

Women spend more time as caregivers than men, and childless adults provide more support to their parents than those with children, studies on Europe show

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Five Actions to Help Build Equitable Climate Resilience

The climate crisis demands nuanced, holistic, and equitable solutions that integrate approaches at the nexus of population, health, and gender, firmly grounded in local knowledge and needs. 

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PRB at the 3rd NTA-Africa Conference

September 6-8, 2023 Somone, Senegal

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Five Tips for Creating a Compelling Conference Presentation for a Diverse Audience

Lessons from my experience at a climate change conference in Cape Town, South Africa

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Elements of Climate Resilience: The Foundations of a People-Centered Framework

The urgency of the climate crisis and its escalating impacts demand we respond with equal urgency to build adaptation and resilience, especially for the populations facing the worst effects.

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Why Self-Care Matters in Crisis: Insights from Our Interviews With Organizations in Africa

Self-care advocates have more work to do to clarify the utility of self-care and the importance of self-care approaches in conflict settings.

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