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Citizenship, Ancestry May Help Determine Who Gets the ‘Hispanic Health Advantage’

New research helps explain the factors behind why Hispanic people in the United States tend to live longer than other Americans

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A Patchwork of Access: Self-Managed Medication Abortion in Post-Roe America

Research shows that self-managed medication abortion accessed through online telehealth is medically safe and effective, but prospective patients face a complex web of barriers.

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Get to Know PRB CEO Jennifer D. Sciubba

An internationally recognized expert in political demography, Jennifer has worked throughout her career to educate the broader public about the importance of population trends.

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Crowded Coasts Put 1 in 10 Americans at Risk for Floods, Other Hazards

Older Adults, Communities of Color, and Renters Are Especially Vulnerable

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The Rise of the No-Bachelor’s Bachelor?

New study finds U.S. men without a bachelor’s degree are expected to spend 27 years of their lives married—their shortest lifetime years married since 1880.

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Expanded SNAP Benefits Boosted Food Security During the COVID-19 Emergency, Study Finds

Households in the food assistance program made healthier food purchases in 2020, additional research shows

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