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Why Better Care Policies Matter for Gender Equality and the Economy

This International Women’s Day, we’re looking at the impact of unpaid care work on women and girls and the global economy—and how PRB and CREG are helping address this urgent issue.

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Pourquoi de meilleures politiques de soins sont importantes pour l’égalité des sexes et pour l’économie

En cette Journée internationale des femmes, nous examinons l'impact du travail de soins domestiques non rémunéré sur les femmes et les filles, ainsi que sur l'économie mondiale, et comment PRB et CREG contribuent à la réflexion sur cette question urgente.

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The Rise of the No-Bachelor’s Bachelor?

New study finds U.S. men without a bachelor’s degree are expected to spend 27 years of their lives married—their shortest lifetime years married since 1880.

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Why Self-Care Matters in Crisis: Insights from Our Interviews With Organizations in Africa

Self-care advocates have more work to do to clarify the utility of self-care and the importance of self-care approaches in conflict settings.

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How Self-Care Can Support Resilience in West and Central Africa

Self-care approaches can offer women more control over their lives.

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LGBTQ Youth and Young Adults Are Coming Out Into a Polarized Environment—and Finding Valuable School and Community Support

Naming the vulnerability and discrimination LGBTQ youth face can be a starting point for adults and institutions that support youth—and youth themselves—to act for change.

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