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How Poverty in the United States Is Measured and Why It Matters

A major goal of the White House’s Build Back Better Act is to reduce poverty in America. But how do we define and measure poverty—and what are the consequences?

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Project: Appalachia: Demographic and Socioeconomic Trends

Report Explores Appalachia’s Current Strengths and Vulnerabilities

The latest report on the Appalachian Region can help state and local policymakers build community capacity and strengthen economic growth.

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Counting Women’s Work: Time Use, Policy, and Economic Growth

Women’s time spent performing unpaid care work provides the foundation for healthy market economies. However, economic measures of national income only account for paid work and do not account for time women spend performing unpaid care and household services.

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Project: Center for Public Information on Population Research (CPIPR)

Disadvantage for Black Families Compounded by Economic Circumstances of Kin

Race may be a social construct but it’s one with consequences that may span generations. While both Black and white families can experience upward or downward wealth mobility from one generation to the next, studies show the dramatic socioeconomic disadvantages for Black families have persisted across generations.

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