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Gender Equity for Work and Pay

How are women faring around the world—and what can the United States learn?

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A New Approach for Climate Resilience

Climate change is here, and it is affecting us now. To respond to this crisis, we must be agile and rethink our current approaches to building climate resilience. These solutions must be based on data and centered in equity and justice for the people most affected by climate change.

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Project: Center for Public Information on Population Research (CPIPR)

How Accurate Was the 2020 Census—and Why Should You Care?

Significant undercounts in the 2020 Census could have serious consequences for underrepresented groups and individual states.

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PDF. Information and Advice on 2020 Federal Data Quality and Use

View Details Array ( [ID] => 67099 [id] => 67099 [title] => 2020-federal-data-quality-and-use [filename] => 2020-federal-data-quality-and-use.pdf [filesize] => 2158884 [url] => [link] => [alt] => [author] => 19 [description] => PDF. Pandemic-related disruptions in U.S. data collection limit our understanding of how the pandemic impacted families in 2020 and will have ramifications for data quality and availability for the next several years. [caption] => [name] => 2020-federal-data-quality-and-use [status] => inherit [uploaded_to] => 0 [date] => 2022-08-03 16:24:32 [modified] => 2022-08-03 16:24:56 [menu_order] => 0 [mime_type] => application/pdf [type] => application [subtype] => pdf [icon] => ) Download (2.1 MB)

Capturing COVID’s Impact on the American Community Survey Across Counties

The average county saw an 8.4% decrease in final interviews for the 2016-2020 survey. Which counties saw the steepest drops?

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