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Project: PACE: Policy, Advocacy, and Communication Enhanced for Population and Reproductive Health

PDF. Lesson Plan. 2021 World Population Data Sheet

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PowerPoint. Lesson Plan 2021 World Population Data Sheet

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Population: An Introduction to Demography

PRB’s latest Population Bulletin provides a basic understanding of demography and demographic processes, including fertility, mortality, and migration, and their effects on the world.

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Project: Center for Public Information on Population Research (CPIPR)

Taxes, Health-Warning Labels May Help Limit Consumption of Sugary Beverages and Improve Health

(2020) To combat obesity and diabetes, lawmakers in a number of U.S. cities have taxed sodas, sports drinks, and sweetened tea, and many are now considering health warning labels.

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Project: Center for Public Information on Population Research (CPIPR)

Cohabiting Couples in the United States Are Staying Together Longer but Fewer Are Marrying

(2020) More unmarried couples today are living together, and doing so for longer than in the past, but fewer of these relationships lead to marriage, new research finds.

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Project: Health Policy Plus (HP+)

Growing Together: Multisectoral Investments in Malawi’s Youth

An ENGAGE™ multimedia presentation that describes the necessary investments in young people’s health, education, employment opportunities, and participation in governance that can create a window of opportunity for accelerated economic development.

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