Demand Satisfied: Understanding the Sustainable Development Goal Indicator for Family Planning

A recognized indicator for family planning—demand for family planning satisfied with modern methods (Demand Satisfied)—is key to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This indicator will improve monitoring of family planning because it measures use of modern methods of contraception (which are more effective than traditional methods at avoiding unintended pregnancies) and because it limits the population measured to women who have a demand for family planning.

Demand Satisfied will more effectively capture success and gaps in family planning programs and illustrates a strong commitment to the rights of individuals and couples to determine the number and timing of their children, endorsing the principles of voluntarism, informed choice, rights, and equity.

This infographic—produced through the USAID-funded PACE project—introduces users to the Demand Satisfied indicator—how it is measured and how it will be used moving forward.

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