Malawians Together: Faith, Population, and Development

Malawians Together: Faith, Population, and Development (Chichewa)

“Malawians Together: Faith, Population, and Development” (Amalawi Ogwirizana: Chikhulupiriro, Chiwerengero cha anthu, ndi Chitukuku) is an ENGAGE presentation that aims to align reproductive health issues with faith-based frameworks and beliefs. To achieve this goal, the presentation uses music, videos, and animation to deliver positive, compelling, evidence-based messages. The presentation will be used as a tool by Malawi’s advocates and experts to promote advocacy and dialogue about healthy planning and spacing of pregnancies among faith-based communities at the district and national levels. Examples of target policy audiences include government officials and policymakers, faith-based leaders, donors, health and education sector leaders, civic and community leaders, and journalists.

This 19-minute presentation was developed by the Malawi Faith ENGAGE task force chaired by the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning, and Development in collaboration with the Population Reference Bureau.The presentation was developed with support from USAID Malawi under IDEA—Informing Decisionmakers to Act.

“Malawians Together” is available with and without a voiceover in Chichewa and without a voiceover in English. The presentation can be downloaded on the PRB website or streamed via PRB’s YouTube channel; CD-ROMs are also available on request. A user’s guide and key messages handout (in English and Chichewa) are also available to provide facilitators with skills and resources to effectively deliver the presentation. Guidance on the technical aspects and requirements of ENGAGE presentations is also available.

With funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development, IDEA—Informing Decisionmakers to Act—increases support among policy audiences for effective health and population programs around the world. By increasing the flow of accurate, understandable information about population, family planning, and reproductive health to policy audiences, IDEA enhances efforts carried out by civil society, the public sector, the development community, and donors. Under IDEA, PRB has developed a series of dynamic multimedia ENGAGE presentations to engage global leaders and country-level policymakers in issues related to family planning, reproductive health, and other key development issues.