People, Health, Planet – Longstanding PRB Project Gets a New Name

Population, Santé, Planète

Population, Santé, Planète

The health and well–being of people and their environment depend on each other. Population size and age, fertility, mobility, poverty, equity, and resource availability and consumption all influence the impact we have on the environment. In turn, people depend on our planet for food, water, clean air, and livelihoods.

For 20 years, Population Reference Bureau has been connecting human health and planetary health, to show how population dynamics (including family planning) and environmental change interact and affect human and planetary health. We’re pleased to share our new name for this practice area: People, Health, Planet.

Jeff Jordan, president and CEO of PRB, said “PRB is proud to continue to play an active role in contributing to the growing body of evidence and global consensus of the interdependence of population dynamics and environmental change. To better represent the full scope of this interplay, we are pleased to re-brand our efforts in this field. We look forward to strengthening existing and creating new partnerships around our People, Health, Planet portfolio.”

PRB’s People, Health, Planet program informs, empowers, and advocates for evidence-based programs and policies that support integrated approaches to human and planetary health challenges, and produce better outcomes for the health and well–being of individuals, their communities, and the environment upon which they depend.

We’re building alliances, sharing information, and advancing policy solutions that benefit people, their health, and our planet.

Our People, Health, Planet portfolio includes: