Population Research and Poverty Reduction

(October 2010)  Family planning and reproductive health is an important, and often overlooked, component of poverty reduction. To study this connection further, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation supported the creation of the PopPov Research Network, a group of academic researchers and funders that examine how population issues affect economic well-being. By studying how population policies can be used for poverty reduction and economic growth, the network aims to increase the interest of these issues within the academic and the funding community.


In this interview, Sara Seims, program director of the Population Program at the Hewlett Foundation, discusses the PopPov Network, ongoing research on population and poverty, links between family planning and poverty reduction, and how this research will be used in poverty reduction programs and policy.


This global dissemination effort is the first of a series supported by PRB’s IDEA project, funded by USAID’s Bureau for Global Health.