PopWire: Preschoolers With Working Moms Rely on Grandparent's Care

There were nearly 11.3 million children younger than 5 whose mothers were employed in 2005. Of those, nearly one-third counted on regular care by a grandparent during their mother’s working hours (30 percent), according to tables recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Fathers cared for one-fourth of the children.

Thirty-two percent spent time in an organized care facility, such as day care or a nursery or preschool.

Preschoolers with employed black or Hispanic mothers were more likely to be cared for by their grandparents than their fathers. Among preschoolers of working non-Hispanic white mothers, about the same percentage were cared for by their fathers and their grandparents (29 percent).

\A series of tables, Who’s Minding the Kids? Child Care Arrangements: Spring 2005, can be found at: