Webinar: Questionable? Why an Untested Citizenship Question Threatens the 2020 Census

With the 2020 Census set to begin in less than 18 months, the Trump administration has proposed adding an untested question on citizenship status to the decennial survey. This action is currently being challenged in federal court by several states, and a decision is pending. Civil rights and scientific organizations alike are concerned that including the citizenship question will adversely affect participation in the 2020 Census and, ultimately, the quality of decennial census data.

In this webinar, population scientists Dr. Douglas S. Massey (Princeton University) and Dr. Jennifer Van Hook (Pennsylvania State University) discussed the implications of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census. Dr. Linda Jacobsen (Population Reference Bureau) moderated the discussion.

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Webinar 2020 Census Citizenship Question


View Massey slides


View Massey slides

The Population Association of America organized this webinar with support from PRB.