RTAC USAID Communication Products

As part of its support to USAID’s Research Division in the Innovation, Technology, and Research Hub (ITR/R) under RTAC, PRB developed materials to showcase the importance of investing in research to accelerate development solutions. RTAC facilitated interviews with senior ITR/R staff to determine the audience and purpose of two products to be used to amplify ITR/R’s work and results.  In consultation with the Research Division, RTAC then designed and produced a fact sheet that serves as an entry point to ITR/R’s work for high level stakeholders. This fact sheet provides an overview of ITR/R’s role within USAID and a summary of the large portfolio of ITR/R programs that advance the use of research, demonstrating that investments made in implementation research can yield impactful results. The ITR/R report goes into more depth about the work and accomplishments of the division and targets high-level stakeholders within and beyond USAID.