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PRB Discuss Online: Are Some U.S. Generations Luckier Than Others?

(2009) Unique events, political climates, and social and economic conditions shape each new generation in every society.

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More Caregivers Needed Worldwide for the ‘Oldest Old’

The Population Reference Bureau's 2010 World Population Data Sheet focuses on a rapidly aging world, highlighting many countries' pressures to care for their elderly citizens.

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U.S. Has World’s Highest Incarceration Rate

(2012) Since 2002, the United States has had the highest incarceration rate in the world. Although prison populations are increasing in some parts of the world, the natural rate of incarceration for countries comparable to the United States tends to stay around 100 prisoners per 100,000 population.

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Contraceptive Needs of Older Nigerian Women Are Neglected

2013) Throughout the world, women ages 35 and older are often left out of conversations on contraception. Many of these women do not think they are at risk of pregnancy because of infrequent sex, marital disruption, the lack of a regular partner, or their perception that they are infertile—and thus they do not see the need to use contraception.

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