Accepting Applications for an Employer of Record in Senegal and/or Kenya

Call for Proposals

PRB seeks an Employer of Record (EOR) who can (1) deliver staffing services in Senegal, or in Kenya, or in both countries and (2) provide ad-hoc strategic, operational, and legal support related to human resources & payroll processing.

PRB is an international nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, USA with presence in Senegal and Kenya as an international development partner.

Scope of Work

Specifically, PRB seeks an EOR with the following capabilities:

  • Staffing and payroll services
    • Employ, on PRB’s behalf, 1-2 individuals in Senegal and/or 6-8 individuals in Kenya. PRB prefers a vendor who can support both geographies but will consider proposals from vendors who only operate in one and not the other.
    • Register employees with appropriate national authorities and facilitate processing of the required documents like work VISAs, work permits & alien ID.
    • Calculate and process payroll. Provide payroll reports including summaries, pay slips, and payroll journals to PRB.
    • Make all payroll-related payments, including remittance of net salaries and all relevant payroll deductions & benefits to third parties.
    • File all relevant tax returns within the relevant timelines whether monthly, quarterly, and annually.
    • Handle payroll-related audits by the state authorities or assigned external auditors.
    • Store and archive payroll records.
    • Provide ad-hoc advice on payroll related changes and updates.
    • Monitor legal and regulatory changes affecting employment. Regularly inform staff about upcoming changes and recent developments that affect their take-home pay, pensions, taxes, and other matters. Advise PRB leadership in a timely manner.
  • Ad-hoc services, such as:
    • Advise on salary scales for PRB positions based on relevant market data and/or benchmark PRB salaries against comparable employers.
    • Advise on benefits, e.g., competitive options for various staff pension schemes.
    • Advise on competitive staff benefit schemes based on comparable employers.
    • Adapt or develop written human resources policies and procedures to comply with local legal, HR and administrative requirements.
    • Provide ad hoc staff sensitizations on the various deductions, access to pension statements, and changes in regulations.
    • Address any concerns raised by staff through centralized channels of communication.

Selection Criteria

All interested vendors must meet the following criteria:

  • Ability to communicate in English with PRB (including any reports)
  • If supporting PRB’s presence in Senegal, ability to operate and communicate in French with PRB staff, local authorities, etc.
  • Ability to process and remit monthly payroll (including PRB review and approval) by the 15th of the month.
  • Ability to respond to ad-hoc requests within 2 business days.

PRB will evaluate vendors and proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Range of services provided, and extent to which they address PRB’s requirements.
  • Reputation and history, including years of experience, especially experience working with US-based nonprofit organizations, nature of references provided, and the outcome of reference checks.
  • Sound understanding of statutory laws & regulations in the country or countries supported.
  • Geographical scope. Vendors who can support both Senegal and Kenya are preferred. Ability to support additional countries in West and East Africa is a plus.
  • Evidence of vendor’s competence in providing required services in a timely, efficient manner.
  • Price and pricing model for (a) EOR services and (b) ad-hoc services. PRB prefers a flexible pricing model under which payments for EOR services are paid based on the total number of employees engaged through the vendor, i.e. without minimum monthly dues.

Proposal Instructions


PRB intends to award a contract to the responsible vendor whose proposal provides best value to PRB. This contract is expected to have a base period of one year and up to two option periods of one additional year each. We reserve the right to make multiple awards based on this solicitation. We also reserve the right not to award a contract to any offeror, or to award the contract to other than the lowest‐price offeror.

The successful offeror will be required to sign the Byrd Anti‐Lobbying Amendment Certification (for example PRB’s contract with the successful offeror will allow PRB to terminate the contract for convenience (with a reasonable notice period) if PRB is not satisfied with the level of service provided.

Due Dates

Interested vendors should submit questions and proposals via email to Kevin Kariuki, by the following dates. Questions and proposals received after these dates will not be considered:

  • Questions due by (in writing) December 7, 2023.
  • Proposals due December 15, 2023.


We strongly encourage interested vendors to write clear and concise proposals that directly address our requirements. Proposals should have a core page limit of 12 pages.

Proposals must include the following information. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

  1. Completed version of the following table:
    Full legal name of the organization
    Physical address
    Date since which the organization has been in business
    Country in which the organization submitting the proposal is incorporated
    Names, titles, and email addresses of company officers (like CEO, CFO, or similar)
  2. Description of the range of your services. Please note the extent to which they meet, do not meet, or exceed PRB’s requirements including geographical scope.
  3. Description of the experience of your organization providing similar services to organizations like PRB.
  4. Names and resumes/CVs key individuals who would support PRB in Kenya and/or Senegal.
  5. Pricing schedule for EOR services according to your pricing structure, for example fixed rate per employee or a percentage of total payroll. The schedule must include all costs including value-added tax, if applicable.
  6. Schedule of hourly rates for ad-hoc services.
    1. Rates must include all fees and taxes to be paid by PRB, including value-added tax (if applicable).
    2. Rates must be broken down by labor category, country, or other relevant category (if applicable).
    3. The schedule must note any conditions and limitations, for example if you require a minimum number of hours to be used in a month or a year.
    4. Three (3) references of international clients, including current contact information.
  7. Three (3) references of international clients, including current contact information.