Modern contraception use in Kenya increased 24 percentage points in only two and a half decades (between 1989 and 2014). In 2017 alone, nearly 1.5 million unintended pregnancies were averted because of modern contraceptive use. Kenya’s national framework on reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health estimated the funds necessary to implement family planning activities in 2017/18, but only 8 percent of the needed funds were allocated in that fiscal year.

PRB partnered with DSW Kenya to create a video and series of fact sheets that analyze national and subnational family planning budgets to illustrate the risks facing Kenya if more family planning funds are not allocated. The products call on leaders at the national and county level to fulfill family planning policy commitments by reserving funding in health budgets for family planning, encouraging county governments to create costed implementation plans and family planning budget lines, and allocating standalone budget lines for adolescent family planning initiatives.