Empowering Evidence-Driven Advocacy

Empowering Evidence-Driven Advocacy (EEDA) is a four-and-a-half year project (2017-2021) implemented by PRB and the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP) and supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Challenge

Young people’s ability to freely determine their reproductive lives greatly affects their livelihoods and that of their future families. EEDA offers young people the opportunity to lead family planning policy change efforts through policy research, evidence-based communication, and targeted advocacy strategies.

EEDA’s goals are to improve the implementation of existing family planning policies, especially those that support youth access to and use of contraception; and generate new funding and policy commitments for family planning in response to evidence-driven advocacy. It aims to achieve these goals by increasing youth advocates’ capacity to measure policy implementation and hold governments accountable for their commitments, and by increasing decisionmakers’ use of evidence.


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Youth Speak: Why Engagement Increases Impact


EEDA has pioneered partner-driven and youth-led approaches, backed with solid evidence, that have generated 19 new family planning (FP) funding or policy commitments and contributed to improved implementation of FP policies.

To date, the project has supported the development of more than 76 data-driven, customized advocacy materials that are being used by youth advocates and partner organizations to advance advocacy objectives in 11 countries across Africa and Asia. Through a unique research-to-action curriculum and sustained collaboration, EEDA has imparted policy advocacy, communications, or data collection skills to nearly 150 youth advocates and representatives from partner organizations.

Our Work

EEDA seeks to accomplish our goals of stronger family planning funding, policy commitment, and policy implementation through three activities: a Youth-led Policy Advocacy Partnership in Five Countries, the Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub, and the Youth Family Planning Policy Scorecard.

Youth Advocacy Partnership in Five Countries

Together, PRB and IYAFP assessed the implementation of youth-friendly family planning services in five countries. Through key informant interviews, focus group discussions, and surveys at the national and subnational level in each country, the assessments identified strengths and gaps in the implementation of family planning services to youth ages 15 to 24. We then worked together to create tailored communications materials that make the case for specific advocacy objectives tied to the findings and trained youth advocates on policy communication skills to integrate evidence generated by the assessments into their advocacy.

Access communications materials that make the case for specific advocacy objectives tied to our research findings in five countries:

Burkina FasoKenya Ethiopia  |  Nigeria  |  Uganda

Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub

The Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub, a component of the EEDA project, equips advocacy organizations with communications materials that fluently integrate data and evidence in formats that are compelling to decisionmakers. When paired with effective advocacy strategies, our evidence-based communication messages and tools can catalyze the progress of family planning advocacy organizations toward their objectives and goals.

Youth Family Planning Policy Scorecard

PRB monitors the policy environment for youth-friendly family planning services through our flagship Youth Family Planning Policy Scorecard, updated every six to 12 months. The Scorecard, available on a digital platform in English and French, analyzes the policy environment of 28 countries across eight indicators proven to increase youth access to and use of contraception.