Policy Analysis

PRB supports better policy development, implementation, and accountability by informing evidence-based decisionmaking with expert policy analysis. .

We conduct policy analysis on a range of global and U.S. demographic, social, economic, and health trends to support policy and program effectiveness.

A limited evidence base can hamper systematic assessment and mapping of key policies and programs governing people’s ability to access health information and services. As a result, governments and their partners may lack clear guidance on which intervention investments will ensure accountability to their commitments and achieve intended results. We analyze the ways in which national, subnational, and local policies affecting demographic and population issues influence people’s health and well-being.

In the United States, we analyze and describe the number and characteristics of those who might be affected by policy changes. For instance, how changes to the decennial census may affect the undercount of young children and how changes to immigration policy may put young children at risk of losing health insurance.

Among our international work, our Youth Family Planning Policy Scorecard analyzes policy frameworks such as laws and reproductive health acts, and programmatic guidelines like costed implementation plans and health strategies for nearly 30 countries. The Scorecard’s assessment and mapping provides guidance to those seeking to improve young people’s access to family planning information, services, and commodities.

Policy analysis is critical to:

  • Assess the potential impact of policy or programmatic change on population health, health access, and well-being.
  • Evaluate evidence-based interventions and policy language shown to reduce barriers and increase access to health services.
  • Set policy priorities and guide future commitments based on gaps and areas of weakness.
  • Compare policy environments across localities, states, and countries.


Diana Elliott

Vice President, U.S. Programs

Beth Jarosz

Senior Program Director

Toshiko Kaneda

Technical Director, Demographic Research

Elizabeth Leahy Madsen

Associate Vice President

Mark Mather

Associate Vice President, U.S. Programs

Kaitlyn Patierno

Program Director

Christine Power

Senior Policy Advisor