ENGAGE Presentation 'Faith and Families for a Healthier Kenya' Launched in Nairobi

On Sept. 11, the new ENGAGE multimedia presentation Faith and Families for a Healthier Kenya was launched in Nairobi. Using data and graphics to explain how investments in family planning lay the groundwork to strengthen families, improve the health of mothers and children, and achieve national development, the objective of this presentation is to promote advocacy and dialogue about family planning among religious communities. The Nairobi launch was attended by religious leaders and theologians, government officials and policymakers, donors, health and education sector leaders, civic leaders, and news reporters.

Faith and Families for a Healthier Kenya was developed by the National Council for Population and Development, the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, and Population Reference Bureau’s Informing Decisionmakers to Act (IDEA) project with guidance from Kenya religious leaders and an ENGAGE task force. Financial support for this ENGAGE presentation was provided by the United States Agency for International Development.