Accelerating Family Planning Progress in Tanzania

Data from the latest Demographic and Health Survey show that Tanzania did not achieve its commitment to increase the contraceptive prevalence rate to 60 percent by 2015. Further, nearly one in four young married women ages 15 to 19 in Tanzania have a desire to use contraception but are not using any method.

PRB partnered with Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs in Tanzania to create a video that highlights the family planning needs of Tanzanian youth. The video also calls on national policymakers to support age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education, collaborate with community and traditional leaders to assess sociocultural barriers, ensure youth-friendly services for family planning, and include young people in designing and running family planning programs. Three accompanying infographics spotlight specific data on young people and teenage pregnancy in Geita, Katavi, and Simiyu regions. A policy brief highlights trends in family planning over the last five years and encourages national and subnational policymakers to act on established family planning commitments.


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Investing in the Future: Youth and Family Planning in Tanzania