Empowering Youth Family Planning Advocates in Francophone West Africa

The share of women who use modern methods of contraception in Francophone West Africa is increasing. Despite this progress, one in seven women under age 25 in Ouagadougou Partnership (OP) countries want to delay or avoid pregnancy but are not using any method of contraception. The family planning needs of youth in these countries require immediate action, as three out of five women are married before age 20 and more than half of all women begin childbearing during their adolescence.

Created in partnership with the OP youth ambassadors for reproductive health and family planning, this video highlights the unique barriers that youth face when accessing contraception information and services, and the impacts that unintended pregnancy can have on the future of young women and their partners. The video calls on regional policymakers to invest in family planning and youth-friendly policies that deter early marriage and pregnancy, make family planning information and services easily accessible and affordable to youth, and provide comprehensive sexuality education. Policymakers are also encouraged to engage youth in the development of family planning policies.

Three accompanying PowerPoint presentations elaborate on barriers youth face and make specific recommendations to improve their access to and use of family planning. A general presentation targets OP countries, and two country-specific presentations focus on Mali and Côte d’Ivoire, respectively.

The Ouagadougou Partnership Young Ambassadors

The Ouagadougou Partnership Young Ambassadors

Des Jeunes Ambassadeurs Presentations