Investing in Indian Millennials' Sexual and Reproductive Health

Empowering Indian Millennials: Meeting Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs

More than half of the current Indian population is under the age of 30—that’s 732 million people!

Meeting the needs of India’s large youth population is critical.  Yet, Indian millennials’ desire for sexual and reproductive health information and services is not being met.

PRB partnered with Jhpiego India to create a video that uses interviews with youth to highlight youth’s lack of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) awareness and barriers they face when trying to access SRH information and services. An accompanying fact sheet supplements the messages in the video by emphasizing the national policies that prioritize youth’s health needs. The fact sheet also focuses on the economic productivity gained by ensuring youth are taught about sexual and reproductive health and rights and have access to youth-friendly services.

Both the video and the factsheet call on decisionmakers in the education and health sectors to: teach youth about sexual and reproductive health and rights, ensure that youth-friendly services are offered in health facilities, and create a referral system that connects youth with SRH services in health facilities.