Uganda’s Kalangala District has higher rates of HIV and teenage pregnancy than most of the country. Almost 50 percent of teenage girls in the district are mothers and 18 percent of adults have HIV—both rates are two to three times higher than the rest of Uganda.

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PRB partnered with the Kalangala NGO Forum in Uganda to create a fact sheet that highlights the high rates of teenage pregnancy, HIV, and unmet need for contraceptives in Kalangala District. It emphasizes specific policy commitments made by both the national and district governments to improve sexual and reproductive health. The fact sheet provides five clear recommendations the Kalangala District government and health officials can take to improve the sexual and reproductive health of the Kalangala people.

In addition, as shown in the video, the team created a series of four informational brochures (in English and Luganda) that use pictures and words to teach different audiences in Kalangala District about the benefits of using contraceptives to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy and HIV, as well as the contraception options available to them. Each brochure included messages specific to their target audience: wives, husbands, commercial sex workers, or adolescents.