Senior Demographer Kelvin Pollard Retires After 34 Years With PRB

Where were you in 1989? The same year pop megastar Taylor Swift was born, a population data megastar named Kelvin Pollard was beginning his career with PRB. This month—34 years later—we thank him for his incredible work and dedication as we bid him a happy retirement.

A fount of knowledge on U.S. demographics—with a wicked trivia game—Kelvin started with PRB as an intern and became a senior demographer on our U.S. Programs team, leading work with the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) alongside Linda A. Jacobsen. (In addition to his incredible knowledge of the Appalachian region, he could probably tell you anything you ever wanted to know about college volleyball or Top 40 music from the ’70s.)

A former vice president of the Southern Demographic Association, an author of many research papers, a skilled data analyst, and a sought-after presence at conferences, Kelvin was also a wiz on the dance floor at holiday parties, our best-dressed office mate, and widely admired for his originality and joie de vivre.

“In addition to being so good at his job, so meticulous and accurate, Kelvin is just so full of life and so full of fun,” said Jean D’Amico, a Senior Research Associate in U.S. Programs who joined PRB in 2003. “He is the best of PRB, he’s what makes the department so great. He cares about his work, but he’s also a really good guy.”

“It’s been a privilege having worked with Kelvin for so many years,” said Mark Mather, associate vice president of U.S. Programs, who joined PRB in 1998. “I’ve always felt like he kind of embodies what PRB is all about—providing accurate and objective data and information, but also a commitment to service.”

“I had a great time at PRB,” Kelvin said. “I really don’t think I could have picked a better work environment than the one I experienced with everyone here. I am looking forward to having more time to pursue other interests.”

We wish Kelvin a beautiful future and will miss him tremendously!