(June 2013) On June 17, USAID and the IGWG’s Task Force on Gender-Based Violence, its co-chairs PRB and CARE, and the Environmental Change and Security Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center hosted “Vision, Innovation, and Action to Address Child Marriage” at the Wilson Center. Carla Koppell, Chief Strategic Officer at USAID, opened the discussion with an overview of USAID’s work on child marriage from Syria to India, and described strategies to address early marriage like girls’ education and community mobilization. She was joined by experts, researchers, and people working with young women and married girls in the field in countries like Ethiopia and Egypt. Margaret Greene of Greeneworks concluded the event, remarking on the shifts in addressing child marriage; while once it was seen as just a problem for girls, it is now more often characterized as a development issue and is more likely to be addressed through programs in addition to legislation.