Policy Communication Toolkit


This toolkit was developed based on PRB’s Policy Communication Training materials, which have been created and revised by many staff over the years. In particular, Rhonda Smith, associate vice president of global partnerships at PRB, played a significant role in the initial creation of this curriculum. The online toolkit and version of the curriculum included here was developed by Marissa Yeakey, Reshma Naik, Elizabeth Leahy Madsen, Jessica Kali, Matthew Rigsby, Sara Harris, Heidi Worley, Stephen Russ, and Jessica Woodin, with the support of many additional PRB staff, both past and present. We would like to thank and acknowledge the hundreds of policy communication trainees PRB has had the fortune to work with over the last 30 years. Their input and feedback shaped this toolkit in many positive ways.

The Spanish translations of these materials were made possible through the generous support from the Nordic Fund/World Bank.