Policy Communication Toolkit

Module 4: Creating Policy Presentations

In the Creating Policy Presentations module, participants learn how to communicate with policymakers through a formal policy presentation. Sessions address principles of effective oral communication and visual aids that are important for developing a compelling presentation. This module builds on the principles of policy writing in Module 3, which are also relevant to oral communication. Participants apply the skills by developing and delivering their own oral presentation for a policy audience.

At the conclusion of this module, participants will be able to:

  1. Select appropriate data and key messages for an oral presentation with a defined policy audience.
  2. Define principles of presentation slide design relevant to the display of text and data.
  3. Develop and deliver a 12-minute presentation that communicates research findings and policy recommendations.

At the conclusion of this module, participants will have developed their own:

  1. Policy presentation.

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Effective Presentations: Content, Delivery, & Design (PP1L)

Time: 1 hr.

This presentation addresses the content that should be included in a policy presentation, best practices for clear and compelling presentation slides, and tips on oral presentation delivery.


Required Preparation

Creating a Policy Presentation Outline (PP2A)

Time: 1 hr. or assign as homework

Participants use their understanding of appropriate content for a policy presentation to outline a presentation based on their own research. Participants benefit from having developed policy messages and identified audiences and objectives in Module 2, and learned about nontechnical communication in Module 3.


Developing a Policy Presentation (PP3A)

Time: Varies or assign as homework

Building on feedback received on their policy presentation outline, participants develop a full presentation with PowerPoint slides.


Delivering a Policy Presentation (PP4E)

Time: 20 min. per participant

Participants deliver their policy presentations. The audience role plays the intended policy audience.


Required Preparation

Supplemental Activities

Working Group Session 4 (PPS1G)

Time: 1 hr. 30 min.

After drafting an outline for a policy presentation, each participant shares the outline with the small group and receives individual feedback from peers and a facilitator. This feedback helps participants improve their content before drafting a complete presentation.


Required Preparation

Working Group Session 5 (PPS2G)

Time: 2 hrs.

Having developed a complete draft presentation, participants practice delivering the presentation to their small group for feedback on both content and delivery style.


Required Preparation