The Baringo County Integrated Development Plan (2018-22) establishes a vision “To be the most attractive, competitive, and resilient county that affords the highest standard of living and security to all its residents.”

The population of Baringo County is extremely young, with 60 percent of the population under age 20. Only 15 percent of the population is currently working for pay and les than half of school-age children are enrolled in secondary school. Maternal mortality in Baringo (488 deaths per 100,000 live births) is higher than Kenya as a whole (374 deaths per 100,000 live births). Investments in family planning will accelerate Baringo’s progress towards its county vision by helping girls stay in school, promoting healthier pregnancies, averting child and maternal deaths, and supporting women’s full economic participation. To achieve the county vision, the fact sheet calls on county leaders to finalize and fully fund the Baringo County Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan.