Journalists and civil society organizations (CSOs) often struggle to work together effectively, despite their many mutual interests. This rift is especially apparent when it comes to topics such as abortion, which can be complicated by stigma, secrecy, and strong personal beliefs. Both sides stand to benefit from bridging this divide: Civil society has expertise and connections that can help journalists define priorities in news coverage and identify evidence and expert sources for stories, and journalists can offer civil society professionals a connection to the public to deliver accurate information about hidden realities.

This training was designed to bring civil society professionals working on sexual and reproductive health and rights together with journalists to learn from each other and consider how they might build (or rebuild) productive partnerships and communicate more clearly on abortion and related issues. Content is divided into four parts designed to be delivered over the course of one day, but organizers may wish to extend the time another half or full day to allow for more discussion or presentation of additional training content.

Resources include:

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