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Project: Center for Public Information on Population Research (CPIPR)

When a Parent Is Incarcerated, Partners and Children Also Pay a Price

(2020) “We live in a country where we have huge numbers of children exposed to parental incarceration. When we talk about the need to reform the criminal justice and mass incarceration systems, we also need to talk about the unintended victims of the current system,” says Christine Leibbrand of the University of Washington.

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PRB Discuss Online: What Works for Women and Girls: Evidence for HIV and AIDS Interventions

(2011) What Works for Women and Girls: Evidence for HIV and AIDS Interventions synthesizes the vast research literature on program interventions (through the end of 2009) to provide clear evidence of what works and what seems most promising for women and girls that improve a range of HIV outcomes.

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Project: International Media Program

A PRB Media Landscape Review: Are the News Media Giving Policymakers the Information They Need?

Where do developing country policymakers get the information on which they base their public policy decisions?

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PRB Discuss Online: The Tsunami, Six Years Later: Results of a Large-Scale Longitudinal Study in Aceh, Indonesia

(2010) will mark the sixth anniversary of the earthquake that spawned a tsunami on the coastlines of countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

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PRB Discuss Online: Engaging Men in the Fight to End Violence Against Women

(2009) One in three women will experience an act of violence in their lifetime, whether it is domestic and interpersonal violence; sexual violence; violence in the name of "culture" or tradition; or systemic violence, as in the use of rape as an instrument of war.

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PRB Discuss Online: The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Poverty in the United States

(2010) Most poor children achieve less, exhibit more problem behaviors, and are less healthy than children raised in more-affluent families. Looking beyond these well-known correlations between poverty and negative outcomes in childhood, recent studies have assessed the effects of childhood poverty in the United States on later attainment and health.

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Client-Centered Quality: Clients’ Perspectives and Barriers to Receiving Care

To provide high-quality care, providers must understand and respect their clients' needs, attitudes, and concerns. These client perceptions are in turn affected by personal, social, and cultural factors.

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Driving Up Demand for Health Services in Latin America

(2008) Millions of people live in poverty in Latin America, and many young people often face few prospects for a bright future.

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Out of the Closet and Onto the Census Long Form

(2002) Sitcoms and talk shows have brought gay men and lesbians into the living rooms of average Americans, and talking about sexual orientation has become less taboo in recent years. But beyond stereotypes, what do we know about real-life homosexuals?

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PRB Discuss Online: How Can Family Planning Programs Reduce Poverty? Evidence From Bangladesh

(2010) Family planning is one of the most cost-effective health interventions in the developing world.

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