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PRB Discuss Online: Population and National Security

(2011) In her new book, The Future Faces of War: Population and National Security, author Jennifer Dabbs Sciubba argues that the future of warfare will be shaped by demographic trends in fertility, mortality, and migration.

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PRB in the News: Diana Elliott Discusses the Labor Shortage With NPR

“The employers who think more creatively about policies are the ones who are going to come out ahead in the next couple of decades,” Elliott said.

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Analyzing Big Data on a Shoestring Budget

Big data has opened a new world for demographers and public health scientists to explore. But is analyzing big data practical and affordable?

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Mama Muliri of HEAL Africa: Battling Gender-Based Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

(2010) In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), HEAL Africa provides free health and psychosocial services to survivors of gender-based violence. Jeanne Muliri Kabekatyo ("Mama Muliri") pioneered and leads Heal My People, HEAL Africa's strategic response to gender-based violence.

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PRB Discuss Online: Environment, Poverty, and Security in Today’s World, What’s Population Got to Do With It?

(2007) How are environmental, poverty, and security trends in today's world affected by population dynamics? What is being done to address these issues? What is needed?

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Project: International Media Program

Taking Stock of Reproductive Health and the Media—Interview With Women’s Edition Journalists

(2008) On Nov. 14, five of the 12 participants in PRB's Women's Edition seminar sat down to discuss reproductive health issues, the impact of the Women's Edition seminar, and the challenges and opportunities of being a woman journalist.

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