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How Fear and Loneliness Shape Body Chemistry and Health

(2013) The chronic stress of living in poverty, loneliness of social isolation, and fear endemic in some high-crime neighborhoods can alter gene activity and contribute to disease, according to Steve Cole, professor of medicine and behavioral sciences at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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PRB Discuss Online: Are Some U.S. Generations Luckier Than Others?

(2009) Unique events, political climates, and social and economic conditions shape each new generation in every society.

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PRB Discuss Online: Child Marriage in Yemen

2011) In Yemen, one in three women ages 20 to 24 report that they were married before their 18th birthday. And although there seems to be a positive trend over generations, Yemen still has the highest rate of early marriage in western Asia and is considered one of the top 20 "hot spots" for child marriage.

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Building Up Communities by Breaking Down Data

Only by disaggregating data can we understand enough to make wise policy decisions that build up our communities.

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The Role of Intergenerational Land Transfers and Education in Fertility Transition in Rural Kenya

(2010) Little is known about the role of land inheritance in the link between land availability and fertility. The recent transition from high to lower levels of fertility in some African countries presents an opportunity to clarify the underlying causes of this decline, since the individuals involved in the transitions are still alive.

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Zero Tolerance to FGM/C: A Day for Reflection

(2014) Feb. 6, the International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C), holds a special place in my heart because FGM/C is the first issue I worked on when I began my career in global health.

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Project: PACE: Policy, Advocacy, and Communication Enhanced for Population and Reproductive Health

Event: Addressing Gender-Based Violence Through Cash Transfer Programming, Part II

More money, less violence? This event was the second part in the IGWG’s Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Task Force series on the use of cash transfer approaches to address GBV and other reproductive health outcomes

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