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Small Successes, Big Ideas — Jamaica’s Adolescent Reproductive Health Focus

(2003) The successes are real, but they're small compared to the task: reaching the half-million adolescents who form some 20 percent of this island's 2.5 million population and enabling them to adopt healthier sexual lifestyles.

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HIV/AIDS and African Americans: A State of Emergency

(2005) More African Americans are living with HIV or already dead from AIDS than any other single racial or ethnic group in the United States—a crisis one black AIDS activist calls "a state of emergency" for the African American community.

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Africa’s Future: Improving the Health of Mothers and Children

(2009) Every year, 265,000 mothers die in childbirth and 4.5 million children die before the age of 5 from preventable causes in sub-Saharan Africa. To discuss these stark facts and the benefits of family planning programs for the health of mothers and children, three researchers were part of a congressional briefing on June 5, 2009.

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How Family Planning Could Help Slow Climate Change

(2015) In the mid-1990s, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in a village in Niger, a West African country consistently ranked as one of the poorest in the world. I lived in a mud hut, learned a local language, made lasting friendships and did interesting work.

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Early Childhood Nutrition And Economic Benefits

(2008) Experts agree that nutrition has a significant impact on child health, growth, and development in the first two years of a child's life. A recently published Lancet article highlights the effect of early childhood nutrition on not only the health of children, but also on their productivity as adults.

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Gender-Based Violence Increases Risk of HIV/AIDS for Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

(2011) Approximately 68 percent of people infected with HIV worldwide live in sub-Saharan Africa, where the virus disproportionately affects women.

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How Fear and Loneliness Shape Body Chemistry and Health

(2013) The chronic stress of living in poverty, loneliness of social isolation, and fear endemic in some high-crime neighborhoods can alter gene activity and contribute to disease, according to Steve Cole, professor of medicine and behavioral sciences at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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PRB Discuss Online: Are Some U.S. Generations Luckier Than Others?

(2009) Unique events, political climates, and social and economic conditions shape each new generation in every society.

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