Training and Support for Journalists

PRB works with journalists in low- and middle-income countries to build their competence, understanding, and commitment to providing effective and high-profile coverage of health and population issues.

Through global, regional, and country-level programs, we build the capacity of individual journalists and youth activists to use data to strengthen their arguments, hone their messages, and more effectively communicate with their audiences to help shape public discourse on health, gender, and population issues.


We work with journalists over time to increase their critical thinking and data literacy skills so they can create effective print and online articles and broadcast programs. This time investment allows the journalists to form personal and professional bonds with others in the program and creates camaraderie that motivates and energizes them to do great work.

Our media training programs and workshops allow us to work with journalists at the community, national, and regional levels and at all stages of their careers—from youth just starting out at the local radio station to seasoned editors leading established newsrooms.

PRB’s signature journalism training program, Women’s Edition, has supported hundreds of senior-level women editors, reporters, and producers from influential media organizations in low- and middle-income countries for more than 25 years to examine and report on pressing issues affecting women’s health and status. Journalists from leading news media organizations around the developing world are competitively selected to participate in this activity.

PRB offers media training through:

  • Fellowship programs that allow journalists to gain specialized knowledge about health and development topics, grow their roster of expert sources, see projects and sites firsthand, and build peer relationships.
  • Audio story and radio production training that teaches groups of students and radio journalists to conduct long-form, narrative-rich reporting that draws listeners into the conversation and leads to community-level change.
  • Multimedia and mobile technology training that teaches youth-led organizations and advocates to produce engaging and socially responsible information for online dissemination using a variety of technologies and platforms. We include comprehensive training around advocacy goal-setting and evidence-based communication.
  • Timely and topic-specific workshops that bring journalists together with national and regional experts and deliver credible data and information to diverse media.
  • Tools and resources that give journalists key facts and leads for their reporting.