PRB is a partner on the Palladium-led, USAID-funded Health Policy Plus (HP+) project that strengthens and advances health policy priorities at global, national, and subnational levels.

Highlights of our work include:

  1. Developing advocacy materials with key data and information on GBV, child marriage, and female genital cutting in Mali so that policymakers and the media can advocate for a stronger legal and regulatory environment to support voluntary, equitable, rights-based programs.
  2. Creating easy-to-understand communication materials for subnational decisionmakers and implementers in Malawi to ensure awareness of and prompt action on national policies addressing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for youth.
  3. Training Malawian youth as citizen journalists who raise community awareness about youth-related SRH policies and who also hold governments and providers accountable for providing high-quality, youth-friendly SRH services.
  4. Training and mentoring journalists in Sindh, Pakistan, with an aim to increase and improve news coverage on the links between family planning and development and hold the government accountable for its commitments to family planning.
  5. Co-writing briefs for Sindh, Pakistan; Malawi; and Nigeria that underscore key actions governments can take to boost family planning use and meet the family planning and gender-related UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  6. Adapting modules for a semester-long undergraduate course on policy models and data utilization at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.
  7. Examining how gender-based violence-related policies and guidelines in Uganda are implemented and monitored, and how they relate to family planning outcomes.