Research and Data Analysis

PRB conducts research and data analysis to inform decisionmakers, educators, journalists, and concerned citizens about population and health trends and their implications for important public policies.

Population trends affect all aspects of society, but with so much information available, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Audiences around the world rely on PRB for our high-quality research and data analysis, clearly communicated.


We use the latest data and best methods to conduct research and develop specialized products that meet our funders’ and partners’ needs.


Examples of our work include:


Charlotte Greenbaum

Former Senior Policy Advisor

Megan Ivankovich

Program Director

Linda A. Jacobsen

Senior Fellow

Beth Jarosz

Program Director

Toshiko Kaneda

Technical Director, Demographic Research

Marlene Lee

Associate Vice President

Elizabeth Leahy Madsen

Associate Vice President

Mark Mather

Associate Vice President, U.S. Programs

Shelley Megquier

Former Program Director

Reshma Naik

Program Director

Kaitlyn Patierno

Program Director

Kelvin Pollard

Former Senior Demographer

Christine Power

Senior Policy Advisor

Alicia VanOrman

Senior Research Associate

Lara Vaz

Senior Program Director

Rachel Yavinsky

Senior Policy Advisor