As advocacy organizations reach out to a range of decisionmakers to achieve their family planning goals, they need diversified communication messages and tools to address their different audiences’ priorities.

Evidence-Based Communication Products Tailored to Your Needs

PRB teams with family planning advocacy partners in Africa and Asia to co-create customized, impactful communications materials that propel their advocacy efforts. We customize products based on partners’ advocacy needs, goals, and existing capacity for end results that help to achieve quick wins.

We focus on evidence-based content delivered in a timely manner and in compelling formats that make data and information accessible to both expert and generalist audiences.

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The PRB Advantage

When you partner with us through the Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub, you obtain the advantage of having both creative and subject matter experts in house at PRB. Our staff are fully engaged in the issues that our partners want to address.

How to Request Resource Hub Support

PRB accepts applications biannually from partners interested in Resource Hub support. Interested organizations must be based in a low or lower-middle income country and have an established record of family planning advocacy or policy work and outcomes. Materials can be produced in languages other than English on a case-by-case basis.