PRB Is Accepting Applications From Youth-Led Organizations for the Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub

Policy environments are always changing, and as the COVID-19 pandemic affects countries around the world we have seen a shift in health policy priorities to address its effects. At the same time, the need remains for policy audiences to continue to prioritize family planning and reproductive health to support their population’s general health. Evidence‐driven communications materials paired with effective advocacy strategies can maximize the impact of increasingly limited resources.

As part of the Empowering Evidence‐Driven Advocacy (EEDA) Project, the Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub is supporting youth-led family planning organizations to develop customized advocacy materials that interpret and communicate data and evidence for local policymakers and influencers.

Would the organization you work for benefit from PRB’s support? If so, please consider applying for a short-term partnership with us through the Family Planning Advocacy Resource Hub.

Through Jan. 29, 2021, PRB will accept applications from youth-led organizations with existing family planning advocacy efforts to partner together to create data‐rich, visually compelling, and actionable policy communications materials. Finalists will be contacted to schedule an informal interview with PRB staff and notification of final selection will be made in mid-February.

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