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Men Have a Lot to Lose When Roe Falls

New York Times | May 27, 2022
PRB’s reporting on racial disparity in maternal mortality rates in the United States is cited.

US Birth Rates Rose Slightly in 2021 After a Steep Drop in the First Year of the Pandemic, CDC Data Shows

CNN | May 24, 2022
Beth Jarosz discussed new data showing a slight increase in U.S. birth rates in 2021.

The ‘Deep Tech’ Revolution Is Happening. Here’s How it Will Change Things

Fast Company | May 19, 2022
The article cited PRB projections on the percentage of the world’s population who will be living in cities by 2050.

Humboldt Child Care Challenges Highlighted on “National Day Without Child Care”

KRCR | May 5, 2022
The article cited KidsData.org findings on the availability of licensed day cares in Humboldt County, California.

How Long Can Humans Really Live?

Katie Couric Media | Apr. 20, 2022
Mark Mather discussed why people are living longer than ever.

Colorado only has one Black Certified Professional Midwife. Here’s what she thinks of the health care system.

KRCC | Apr. 12, 2022
PRB’s analysis of Black maternal deaths is cited.

America’s Kids Are Not All Right—We Need Urgent Action to Save Young Lives

The Hill | Apr. 2, 2022
Robert A. Hummer, coauthor of PRB’s “Dying Young” Population Bulletin, discussed mortality data for Americans under age 25 and potential policy solutions.

How the Deadly COVID-19 Pandemic Has Forever Changed the Nation

KCBS Radio | Apr. 1, 2022
Beth Jarosz discussed the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Census Bureau Considering Changes After Minority Undercounts

CQ Roll Call | Mar. 18, 2022
Mark Mather discussed the historical challenge of different population groups being undercounted in the decennial census.

The New Golden Girls: Baby Boomers Are Moving in Together to Save Money

The Washington Post | Feb. 25, 2022
PRB’s research on the changing composition of families in the United States is cited.

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