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‘Full-Time Work Doesn’t Pay’: Why Are So Many Working American Families Living Day to Day?

USA Today | Sept. 6, 2022
A PRB article on how poverty is measured in the United States was cited.

I Work An Extra Job Because Childcare Costs More than My Salary. It’s Either That or Give Up My Career.

Market Insider | Aug. 29, 2022
KidsData’s findings on the cost of childcare in San Francisco was cited.

Involve Stakeholders in Implementing Reproductive Health Policy

The Standard | Aug. 8, 2022
Data on contraceptive use among adolescent girl in the 2021 World Population Data Sheet was cited.

Kids in Oregon, Nationwide ‘Definitely are More Stressed,’ New Report Shows

Salem Statesman Journal | Aug. 8, 2022
PRB’s work on Annie E. Casey’s 2022 KIDS COUNT Data Book was cited.

A 50 year shift to Virginia’s suburbs likely to move to the exurbs next

Virginia Public Media | July 12, 2022
Mark Mather discussed population changes in Virginia over the coming 50 years.

Overturning Roe v. Wade Isn’t About Christian Morals or Protecting Life

Parents | June 30, 2022
A PRB article on racial disparities in U.S. maternal deaths quoted.

More Young People Have Mental Health Problems

Tennessee Tribune | June 20, 2022
Beth Jarosz discussed rising rates of teen suicides in the United States.

Baby Bust: The Fast-Falling Numbers of America’s Birth Rates

Newsy | June 13, 2022
Beth Jarosz discussed the impact of a lower U.S. birth rate on families and communities.

Men Have a Lot to Lose When Roe Falls

New York Times | May 27, 2022
PRB’s reporting on racial disparity in maternal mortality rates in the United States is cited.

US Birth Rates Rose Slightly in 2021 After a Steep Drop in the First Year of the Pandemic, CDC Data Shows

CNN | May 24, 2022
Beth Jarosz discussed new data showing a slight increase in U.S. birth rates in 2021.

The ‘Deep Tech’ Revolution Is Happening. Here’s How it Will Change Things

Fast Company | May 19, 2022
The article cited PRB projections on the percentage of the world’s population who will be living in cities by 2050.

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