With funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the RENEW Project (Reenergizing Nutrition—Expanding Worldwide) is a global initiative that focuses on combating malnutrition in mothers and children (0-24 months) in developing countries. RENEW is designed to raise the visibility of this public health crisis, mobilize commitment and resources, and accelerate the implementation of proven and promising new approaches.

A feature activity is developing and delivering dynamic, multimedia presentations to engage global partners and country-level policymakers and leaders in selected countries. The presentations showcase the latest data, new interventions, and the benefits of preventing malnutrition using advanced technologies and the groundbreaking Trendalyzer (bubble graph) software developed by Hans Rosling at the Gapminder Foundation (www.gapminder.org).

PRB Multimedia Presentation: “Nutrition on the Rise”

Guided by a Technical Advisory Group of nutrition experts from the U.S. State Department, the World Bank, the 1,000 Days Initiative, and the Gates Foundation, among others, RENEW seeks to support nutrition advocates around the world and add value to existing advocacy efforts.

The multimedia presentation is such a clear and effective way to communicate the impacts of poor nutrition during that critical period (the 1,000 days window).

A representative of the World Food Program

Key objectives for RENEW include:

Creating compelling multimedia presentations for global audiences on malnutrition and its costs, consequences, and solutions to engage new champions and mobilize additional resources.
Tailoring presentations for specific target audiences such as private corporations and businesses and water and sanitation officials to strengthen multisectoral approaches to combatting malnutrition.
Supporting country-level nutrition advocacy efforts by developing and disseminating multimedia presentations in up to three countries.
The first global presentation—Nutrition on the Rise—was launched in September 2011 at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York during an all-day event that focused on the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement. The event was attended by more than 100 nutrition experts as well as ministers of health and other high-level leaders from developing countries. The presentation was well received with a rousing applause and multiple requests for copies by many NGOs, multilateral partners, and donors, including UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the Public Health Institute, and World Vision.

Nutrition on the Rise is now a part of the SUN resources toolkit (www.scalingupnutrition.org/resources/). In addition, it has been widely used to support advocacy efforts of the 1,000 Days Initiative (www.thousanddays.org/), which calls for focusing nutrition interventions during the 1,000 day window of opportunity from pregnancy to the first two years of life. The presentation features a unique animated sequence that underscores the 1,000 day window and demonstrates how critical this period is to reducing child deaths and impaired physical and mental development.

RENEW is also working in Bangladesh to support the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s new nutrition strategy. Working through a local NGO (Eminence), PRB uses a participatory approach by creating a multisectoral task force to guide all project activities, shape key messages, and develop a national dissemination strategy. The Bangladeshi Task Force—which comprises more than 25 representatives of nutrition-related NGOs, public-sector nutrition programs, academia, research institutions, and donors—has met four times to create a national presentation entitled “Bangladesh on the Move.” The presentation, available in English and Bangla, is being rolled out across the country in support of local advocacy initiatives.

In April 2012, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation expanded the project by providing supplemental funding and extending the project timeframe through October 2014.