Linda A. Jacobsen, Vice President U.S. Programs

PRB’s U.S. Programs conduct research and analyze demographic, social, and economic trends for the United States and other developed countries. We inform decisionmakers, educators, the media, and concerned citizens about these changing trends and their implications for important public policies.

PRB’s U.S. Programs focus on a wide range of topics, including the following key areas: Children and Youth; Households and Families; Population Dynamics; Aging; Education and Workforce; Inequality and Poverty; Migration; and Rural and Regional Analyses.

What Distinguishes Us

PRB’s U.S. Programs has a strong reputation as a producer of high-quality, objective data and analysis. We have extensive knowledge and experience with data from the U.S. Decennial Census, American Community Survey (ACS), Current Population Survey, Vital Statistics, and other products of the federal statistical system. We offer:

Custom Research

For more than 20 years, we have been using the latest data to develop specialized products that meet our funders’ and partners’ needs. We have assisted the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Foundation for Child Development and the Girl Scout Research Institute in developing new state-level indices of well-being for children and girls, and the National Council of La Raza in producing a policy brief and state data book highlighting demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of Latino children in the United States. We have also produced a state-level database and co-authored a series of data briefs on low-income working families in America for the Working Poor Families Project.

The New KIDS COUNT Index
The Working Poor Families Project, Indicators and Data

America’s Future: Latino Child Well-Being in Numbers and Trends

Tailored Training

We conduct face-to-face and online training that empowers advocates and researchers to access a wealth of U.S. demographic data. At PRB trainings for the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s KIDS COUNT network, advocates learn to use data to support their work.

Developing and Coordinating Communities of Practice

U.S. Programs is developing a new American Community Survey Data Users Group to improve understanding of the value and utility of ACS data and to facilitate communication among ACS data users through an online community forum, webinars, special sessions at professional meetings, and an annual conference.

Conducting Analysis and Disseminating Results

We have over 20 years of experience analyzing U.S. demographic, social, and economic trends and disseminating our results through high-quality reports, web articles, presentations, and media outreach. We excel in translating population research for nontechnical audiences.

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U.S. Economic and Social Trends Since 2000
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