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In U.S., New Data Show Longer, More Sedentary Commutes

September 2014: Article The average full-time worker in the United States spends almost 26 minutes commuting to work, according to just-released data from the 2013 American Community Survey.

Malawi Youth Data Sheet 2014

September 2014: Datasheet The 2014 Malawi Youth Data Sheet provides health and population data for youth ages 15 to 24.

Family Planning and Gender Equality: Paving the Road to Prosperity in Malawi

September 2014: Report This policy brief illustrates how strategic investments in family planning and gender equality can accelerate Malawi’s progress on the road to development and prosperity.

Where Poverty and Inequality Intersect

September 2014: Article In the United States, the gap between those at the top of the economic ladder and those at the bottom is wide and growing.

U.S. Baby Boomers Likely to Delay Retirement

September 2014: Article A growing share of Americans are working beyond their 65th birthdays, a reversal that began about 25 years ago.

Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Malnutrition in India

September 2014: Article In India, almost 62 million children (48 percent) across all income groups are stunted.

Deciphering the Demography of Myanmar

August 2014: Article Due to decades of seclusion that only ended in 2011, much remains unknown about Myanmar, especially its demography.

Communicating Research to Policymakers: Researchers' Experiences

August 2014: Report This PopPov research brief addresses challenges and highlights the experiences of four research teams who communicated findings from studies supported under the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation's Population and Poverty Research Initiative.

Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey 2012, Child Data Sheet

August 2014: Datasheet The Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey (KAIS) 2012 was the first national population-based survey in Kenya to collect HIV information for children ages 18 months to 14 years.


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