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25 Years of KIDS COUNT

July 2014: Article The Annie E. Casey Foundation has released a special 25th edition of the KIDS COUNT Data Book.

Migration and the Environment

July 2014: Report This PRB Population Bulletin explores the relationship between migration and the environment and highlights innovative research from the Population Centers funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Prevention Science in Adolescent Health

July 2014: Report This fact sheet explains prevention science and how it applies to adolescent health.

Adolescence and the Social Determinants of Health

July 2014: Report This fact sheet describes some of the key influences on adolescent health and health-related behaviors.

Adolescence: A Foundation for Future Health

July 2014: Report This fact sheet places adolescence within the life course and illustrates the importance of addressing adolescent health in order to preserve and improve lifelong health.

The Importance of Adolescence

July 2014: Article In 2012, the Lancet published a special issue on adolescent health to address some of the gaps in adolescent health and to call for greater attention and commitment. To help expand the reach of this series, PRB has developed three fact sheets outlining the key messages and information from selected articles.

A Practical Guide to Population and Development

July 2014: Report This PRB guide is structured as a series of critical questions about the links between population, fertility, development, economics, health, and the environment.

Understanding Population Projections: Assumptions Behind the Numbers

July 2014: Report This PRB policy brief aims to improve understanding of population projections by highlighting some of the key assumptions on which they are based.

Shift-Share Analysis of Growth in U.S. Biomedical Postdoctoral Employment in Research Education Institutions

June 2014: Article PRB examined growth in biomedical postdoctoral employment in U.S. research education institutions.

HIV and AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa

June 2014: Report Between 2001 and 2012, the number of new infections in MENA grew by 52 percent--the most rapid increase in HIV among world regions.


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