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Will Other Countries Follow Canada's Lead?

November 2015: Article Women’s participation in government gives them a direct say in the policies, laws, and regulations that affect their lives. Canada, for the first time in its history, has achieved gender parity in the federal cabinet.

Effects of the Great Recession on Older Americans' Health and Well-Being

November 2015: Report Although young adults in their 20s and 30s bore the brunt of the Great Recession (2007 to 2009), many Americans ages 50 and older were also affected by rising unemployment, falling home values, and the decline in the stock market.

Exploring Intimate Partner Violence and Family Planning

November 2015: Report A new PRB research brief, Intimate Partner Violence and Unmet Need for Family Planning, presents the findings of a new analysis on the association between intimate partner violence and unmet need among women of different ages using DHS data from six countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

PopPov Fact Sheets From Country and Regional Research

November 2015: Report This set of PopPov fact sheets present country and regional research.

The Demographic Dividend: An Opportunity for Ethiopia's Transformation

November 2015: Report A new report and accompanying policy brief from the Ethiopian Economics Association and the Population Reference Bureau explore the potential for a demographic dividend in Ethiopia.

China Abandons One-Child Policy

October 2015: Article China has abandoned its one-child policy, according to news reports. So what would be the demographic implications of this two-child policy?

Family Planning Rights and Climate Change: Connecting the Two Is the Right Thing to Do

October 2015: Article Jason Bremner, who leads PRB's population, health, and environment work, was interviewed on MSNBC's Greenhouse program. He discussed a recent report from PRB and the Worldwatch Institute focusing on the work of an expert working group that identified opportunities to advance the goal of achieving universal access to family planning as part of climate compatible development.

India Approaches Replacement Fertility

September 2015: Report This Population Bulletin updates a previous Bulletin from 2006, India's Population Reality: Reconciling Change and Tradition.

Up to Half of U.S. Premature Deaths Are Preventable; Behavioral Factors Key

September 2015: Article Up to half of all premature (or early) deaths in the United States are due to behavioral and other preventable factors--including modifiable habits such as tobacco use, poor diet, and lack of exercise, according to studies reviewed in a new National Research Council and Institute of Medicine report.

Building Resilience Through Family Planning: A Transformative Approach For Women, Families, and Communities

August 2015: Report This brief aims to help health, climate change, and development practitioners who focus on resilience better understand and communicate these connections in order to embrace and promote family planning as a local, national, and global development priority.


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